|Past and Present

Nile Care presently focuses on implementing educational projects in the West Nile region of Uganda. In the past five years these have included support for entrepreneurship training for youth, rural kindergartens, scholarships and tutoring. Nile Care plans to build on the success of these projects and extend them so as to benefit more people in West Nile.  In addition to educational projects, Nile Care also implemented an eye health project.

|Nile Care Scholarships |After-School Tutoring |School Supplies
8 High school scholarships to gifted but poor girls. Tutoring for Primary 5-7 Pupils in two pilot schools. Books and more for teachers and pupils in Primary 5-7.



|Future Projects

Economic Empowerment of the West Nile region of Uganda is a major objective of Nile Care. Thus, we are designing projects to help improve incomes of communities in the region.

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