Education in West Nile

The introduction of universal primary education and universal secondary education significantly increased enrollment in primary and secondary schools. However, net primary attendance in West Nile is 78 percent compared to 87 percent in Central and 84 percent in Kampala. Net secondary school attendance in West Nile is 9 percent compared to 39 percent in Kampala and 23 percent in Central (Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2011). Read more about Secondary School Performance in Uganda

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Despite increased enrollment due to UPE and USE, many students complete primary and secondary school without having mastered required levels of literacy and numeracy with large differences between regions in pass rates for proficiency tests.

Ranking of top and bottom ten districts in Uganda based on proportion of children aged 10-16 that can pass both literacy and numeracy tests (Are Our Children Learning, UWEZO, 2013)



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